Step1.Calm Down Bubble Toner

Pump the bubble toner once onto the cotton pad and gently apply around the face for hydration. Use fingers for additional absorption.

Step2.Milk Skin

Soak the milk skin onto 3 cotton pads and place it on areas where you feel extra dry (ex. Forehead & cheeks) for 2-3 minutes.

Step3.SOS Serum

Fill the dropper ⅔ and squeeze the sos serum on areas where you feel extra dry. Using your fourth finger, roll gently for absorption.

Step4.Ceramic Cream

Apply a nice layer of the ceramic cream using uplifting motions. You can even replace your primer with this cream.

Step5.Glossy Coating Mist

To seal everything, apply the mist all over your face and you can even bring it down to the neck area. Pat gently for absorption.
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