BbaeR BbaeR

BbaeR BbaeR - Cherry Berry

"Sweetly tart and full of vitamins"

Replace your berry smoothie.


A balanced and healthy meal suitable for those looking to lose weight, maintain their figure with better nutrients, or increase their weight. Best enjoyed with your milk of choice.


✓ Protein 11.9 g

✓ Fiber 2.5 g

✓ 8 variants of vitamins

✓ 3 variants of minerals

✓ 5 variants of digestive enzymes

WARNING: This product contains fish collagen, a derivative of parts of the fish. This product is manufactured in the same facility as buckwheat, peanuts, pork, peaches, tomatoes, sulfites, walnuts, chicken, shellfish (scallops), beef, and eggs.


Open the cap
Pour in 200mL of Milk, or 1/2 cup + 1/3 cup of milk up to the dotted line.
Shake well.

For weight loss, enjoy this as a meal replacement for 2 meals.
For maintaining weight, enjoy this as a meal replacement for 1 meal.
For increasing weight, enjoy this as a snack (between 1~3).


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